Fat Princess

29 07 2008

I’m gonna get it for this.

I don’t have a problem with Fat Princess. I think it’s kind of charming, in a way. The game itself looks fun to me, and I am not offended by the concept of a princess being fed cake until it’s nigh impossible to move her. There are many, it seems, that are offended at this concept. I’m not entirely sure why, though. First, I have to say that video games are not as influential as people may think, especially not ones you can buy and download for five bucks that would have had virtually no hype if they had not been made controversial. The game itself looks like fun, and realistically, it will probably release, be mildly popular, and then fall away as most games do. Nothing about Fat Princess screams “INSTANT CLASSIC.”

Some of the things others are reading into the game are a little out in left field to me, as well. Maybe she’s not helpless when faced with cake. Maybe she ran away to the opposing kingdom’s castle and wants to stay there and eating copious amounts of cake is the idea they all came up with. Then, there’s the idea that there is some kind of fat joke underlying the whole game. I haven’t seen any articles elaborating on a plot in the game, so I can’t say if there even is one. I doubt there is, so really, all this about fat jokes and women and food and everything is speculation. Everything I have read about the game thus far shows it to be relatively simple, almost like Capture the Flag with a fat chick instead of a little pennant.

Besides, the game could awaken a whole new generation of fetishists. Sexual deviance makes the world interesting. That wouldn’t be so bad, right? Or, is that just as bad as those who laugh at fat people?

People don’t generally make video games to influence the masses. There are, of course, exceptions, but for the most part, creators just churn ’em out. The developers for this game may not even be aware of the message some are gleaning from this game. Maybe they thought it was harmless. It would be great to see an interview with them, though, and maybe that’ll happen in time.

Maybe there are just bigger fish to fry, I think.



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29 07 2008

“First, I have to say that video games are not as influential as people may think…”

IMHO, games really are influential. Notable games that have made it into the pop culture lexicon:

Mario Brothers (made into movie)
Mortal Kombat (also a movie)
Tetris (so insanely popular that the music was made into many, many dance remixes and spun all over the world)
Pac Man (remember the cereal? and the Saturday morning cartoon?)
The Grand Theft Auto series (that’s just begging to be made into some rot of film)
World of Warcraft (celebrated/lampooned on South Park)
Prince of Persia
Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego (made into a cartoon and a game show)
Sonic the Hedgehog
ad nauseum, ad infinitem.

Fat Princess may not go on to be an instant classic, but I bet that it will. The games with the simplest objectives and tropes usually end up being very popular because they are easy to pick up and difficult to master.

FP seems to me that it’s reaching the broadest demographic with an easily recognizable game play with a unique and stir-causing twist. All the controversy over it ensures that when it drops there will be lines out of the door for it. And that’s shameful because it’s too busy chucking responsibility for a quick buck. But isn’t that the American Way?

30 07 2008

Well, first off: Fat Princess will not be sold in stores. It’s available to download from some PS3 online thing. I don’t know much about it because I don’t have any of the new-gen platforms, but I do know it’s not your typical “go to GameStop and pick it up.” kind of thing. There aren’t going to be promotional spots or posters for it I don’t think.

The games you listed I think are different from this particular game. I guess I just don’t see the iconic nature of this game. By MAKING it controversial online, it will up its sales, more than likely. Though, even if it becomes big, I just don’t really agree with the reasons some are offended. I frankly find it cute and, if I had a PS3, would buy it.

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