Okay, so…

28 07 2008

I’m a tool, apparently, and thus, am making a tooly first real post. What do I want to do with this blog?

Well, I’ve been reading some painfully fantastic blogs, ranging from VeganYumYum (I’m not a vegan, but I enjoy the ability to cook things everyone can eat), to pretty much anything that comes up on the Notes from the Fatosphere RSS feed thingie. I feel like I might have something worthwhile to say– or, possibly, I’m just looking for a place to chronicle my stumblings just like the next guy (or girl). Either way, this is directly a product of becoming inspired by other blogs. If I can say something even half as decent as some of these people, I’ll be pleased.

I guess I should lay it all out before I get started, because I want to join the feed I just mentioned above at some point. I’m currently 24, and live in Western New York. However, I’m shipping off to Maine this Saturday. I’m originally from this area, but I grew up in Eastern Massachusetts, where I was unfortunately too naive to realize the accepting nature of the area I lived in. Anyway, I moved back to WNY in 2004, to attend university. Now, I’m off to central Maine for however long. A lot of people have asked me if I’m nervous, and the fact of the matter is…I’m not. I’m excited. For a lot of reasons. I’ll probably chronicle this move with pictures and my ~sparkling wit~. Anyway, back to it…

I’m a fat female who has been fat really for most of her life. Growing up, I was always off the height and weight charts for children that they used in the mid to late 80s around my parts. I grew into a fat adult. I’d like to think I am pretty well-adjusted to who I am and what I look like, as my anger is geared towards the attitude society has rather than at my dimpled thighs and size-30 butt. Aside from use as a last resort for health and mobility, I am anti-weight loss surgery, and I’m not too keen on dieting, either. My stronger opinions lie in food, fashion, body/gender/race politics and travel (which I don’t get to do much).

I want to be more in the loop, especially in the size acceptance community, and maybe this blog will help me do that.